Anche nel 2017 si correrà la SaharaMarathon a sostegno del popolo Saharawi. Noi, nel nostro piccolo continueremo a sostenere le vittime delle mine in quella sperduta periferia del pianeta

DRC^0410 - Copia

2 pensieri su “SAHARAMARATHON 2017

  1. Tessa

    Thanks for swinging by, Anthony! It really feels like a community when you have mutual respect for one another, can offer opposing viewpoints and come away having both learned something. Looking forward to such exepriences in the future. Keep up the great work!

  2. tommie copper coupons

    Congrats on your unicorn job finding you… AND for you being open to seeing it and grabbing for it! I am sure you will be great at it whatever it is!Keep enjoying life and thank you for sharing parts of it with us here!


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